Subscription fees 2016

PLAN 1 x 1


PLAN 5 x 5


PLAN 10 x 10


PLAN 50 x 50

* Each PLAN consists of users and machines. How many do you need? We adapt to your needs.

Why is better a subscription?

This business model allows us to offer an affordable platform to small and medium-sized companies, due to it´s not necessary to make a large investment comparing with the adquisiton of other  similar softwares.

A fixed and monthly payment is usually the best option for the most SMEs for its simplicity and immediate access to the platform.

We firmly believe that our businees model fits in the actual economic situation of small medium-sized companies. For that companies, the inicial investment to access to this kind of software is lower, taking advantage from the begginning to all benefits.

Advantages of subscription model 

  • Lower down payment, that minimize the decapitalization of the company and increase the liquidity.
  • The monthly subscription costs are usually amortised from the beginning , because of the savings into subcontracting, cutting down breakdowns, better energetic efficiency, new suppliers, processes optimitation, etc.
  • Access to free updates.
  • Monthly subscriptions are 100% corporation tax deductible.
  • VAT in subscriptions can be compensated every three months.
  • Access to the platform from everywhere and with any device.
  • Easy to pay and save time, because the monthly payment will be charge into your account in the day specified in the contract.
  • Access to special offers and promotions.

We also offer coaching and technical advise services. Specially, we help you to choose the proper hardware for your needs

Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us in case of need further information about our products and services.