We have developed a platform to control the production and to manage the maintenance of the industrial machines.

Thanks to our own technology using a web application and an Android application for mobile devices, we provide tools to the companies for:

  1. Increasing the efiency and productivity
  2. Avoiding breakdowns
  3. Cutting costs
  4. Strengthening the occupational safety
  5. Promoting personal and professional development

We display the state of the different processes of Maintenance and Production in real time. We also record the failure and incidents and we provide enforment procedures of the different maintenance tasks, periodicity, historical data, etc.

Furthermore, we also display Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Productivity indicators of each machine, shift or operator.



We provide full maintenance plans with calendars, enforcement procedures, tasks duration, notifications, time recording data and incident reports, tools and spare parts needed, as well as information about work safety and waste management

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Using our software tool you can have a better control over you production, to find out losses (organizational, quality, failures and breakdowns), to plan and set up improvements, to compare productivity index among different machines, shifts, employees, etc…

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bq_distribuidor_oficial_logo_esOur application works with any tablet or mobile device running Android 4.3  or higher.

We are BQ brand suppliers, spanish company that manufactures tablets, mobile phones and 3d printers, which has a competitive prizes with high quality.

These devices have been tested for our team running our application with a great success and a good user experience. For that reason, we recommend to use them.

Coaching and technical advise

We also offer coaching and technical advise services. Specially, we help you to choose the proper hardware for your needs

We give you technical advise in case of need it and coaching in order to get a fast and easy deployment of our solutions.

Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us in case of need further information about our products and services.