The best tool for controlling the production

produccionFrom the production point of view, we can delight the next funcionalities that allow you to enhance the productivity of industrial processes. Using our software tool you will realize how easy and flexible it is to create work orders and their control.

First, an App for Android devices shows to the operators a list of work orders to carry out in the production.

On the other hand, a website with a control panel allows the administrators to manage the execution of the work orders.


Create WO

The work orders and production plans are created from the website panel and the operartor will see them with the App. The applicaton registers the beginning and the end of each work order to show the duration of each activity.

WO Management

It is also possible from the website panel to make changes in the work orders and production plans, change sequences, change states or remove them, etc.

Check Production plans

Through the App, the operators will be able to view and follow the production plans that are loaded in their machines. The production plan displays the next information:

  • Work order
  • Units to produce
  • Estimated time
  • PDF of each WO

Time data recording

During the execution of the production plan it might happen some unexpected events that will generate losses in the productive process. For instances, lack of material, program, staff or other kind of failures.

The operator will record each failure in the App, which will tun them into improvement actions to take in a mid short-term in the productive precess. The excesive time involved in moving matereal could be corrected reorganising the disposition of the machines, warehouse, etc. On the other hand, if the operator usually has to wait for the program, tools, etc., it may conclude in the necessity to hire other programmer, purchase more tools, etc.

Thanks to our software tool, it´s possible to count accurately and reliability these new opportunities of improvement.

Production App

Production Panel

Production Video

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